The Class 
of 2002

Class Sponsors:
Erin Pate
Staci Jones
Donald Brock

Welda Cook

Sam Jones

Ravonne McCray
Danny McCray

Class Officers


Lora Todaro


Amy Lippe

Vice President

Jodie Olvera


Tiffany Byrd

Remember Mariana?!?

Senior Class Members
Dennis Allen
Christa Anthony
Ashley Bertholomey
Tiffany Byrd
Jessica Coffey
Kerris Coffey
Kevin Coffey
Beth Derrick
Tiffany Edwards
Zach Fagg
Teresa Flemming
Alicia Gonzales
Krystal Harrison
Emily Hicks
Michael Hill
Caleb Hodges
LaKeshia Hood
Thomas Hood
Ashlee Jones
Russell Kelley
Alana Lewis
Amy Lippe
Brent McKenzie
Thomas Medley
Brandon Milhorn
Jodie Olvera
Jason Patterson
Robert Prosser
Jo Ragland
Kalah Roberts
Casey Sartain
Ashley Smith
Whitaker Taylor
Lora Todaro
Jeremiah Townzen
Lori Van Houten
Holly Waits
Kelleigh Walker
Erica Williams

Prom King Thomas 
and Queen Teresa



Jeremiah Townzen
Shane Tuck Memorial Scholarship

Krystal Harrison
Morris County Retired Teachers Association

Brandon Milhorn
Pewitt Band Boosters

Lora Todaro
H.R. Hamilton Pewitt Alumni Scholarship

Ashley Bertholomey
Velma Jeter Scholarship
Bowie Cass Scholarship
Waste Management Scholarship

Dennis Allen
Waste Management Scholarship

Jessica Coffey
Waste Management Scholarship

Thomas Hood
Waste Management Scholarship

Russell Kelley
ETBU Scholarship
ETBU Sibling Scholarship
Pewitt PTO Scholarship
Fielding Huddleston Scholarship
Doug Sibley Memorial Scholarship

Lakeshia Hood
Pewitt PTO Scholarship

Holly Waits
Pewitt FFA Alumni Scholarship
Jonquil Garden Club

Robert Prosser
United States Navy

Thomas Medley
Sulphur/Cypress Larry McCasland Scholarship

Teresa Flemming
NTCC Counselor/Principal

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Welcome to the Class of '02 page 
(a.k.a. The Amy Lippe Experience)

Class of '02 Rules!

But, Miss, I don't get it!

Mr. & Miss PHS Russell Kelley Teresa Fleming
Class Favorites-Seniors Russell Kelley Teresa Fleming
Best Match Brandon Milhorn Jodie Olvera
Best Eyes Zach Fagg Alana Lewis
Best Hair Brandon Milhorn Alana Lewis
Wittiest Jason Patterson Jessica Coffey
Worst Driver Garrett Cook Christa Anthony
Class Clown Casey Sartain Christa Anthony
Best Dressed Dennis Allen Alana Lewis
Biggest Heart Brandon Milhorn Ashlee Jones
Most School Spirit Brent McKenzie Lora Todaro
Most Athletic Russell Kelley Lakeshia Hood
180 Turn Thomas Hood Beth Derrick
Most Likely to Succeed Russell Kelley Ashley Bertholomey
Loudest Darrell Myers Ashley Smith
Biggest Flirt Caleb Hodges Whitaker Taylor
Most Talented Brent McKenzie Teresa Fleming
Best Dancer Brent McKenzie Teresa Fleming
Shyest Zach Fagg Tiffany Edwards
Most Unfit Car Casey Sartain Krystal Harrison
Best Smile Thomas Medley Amy Lippe
Craziest Casey Sartain Holly Waits
Most Intelligent Dennis Allen Alicia Gonzalez
Teacher's Pet Jeremiah Townzen Krystal Harrison
Perfection Dennis Allen Kalah Roberts
Most Dependable Thomas Medley Jodie Olvera
Laziest Darrell Myers Ashley Smith
Mr. & Miss Congeniality Thomas Medley Jodie Olvera
Most Outgoing Caleb Hodges Lora Todaro
Gossip King & Queen Thomas Hood Tiffany Byrd

Caleb is entranced by Ms. Henderson's lovely voice.

                            Prom pictures above compliments of B'ny Hannah

Jessica and Thomas 


Teresa and Forrest
"Mama always said I'd find me a nice girl to settle down with."
                                                                    prom  photos compliments of Alicia Gonzalez