Pewitt Education Foundation Grants, 2007-2008

December 21, 2007 Bullseye
Pewitt Earns $11,792.25 in Grants!
By Kaitlyn Wommack

On November 27, 2007, seven grants gave Pewitt CISD teachers a chance to help their kids. The Pewitt Elementary, Junior High, and High School each shared in the $11,792.25 in total grants. The Kindergarten alone got over $3,500.

“The money is going to be used for listening centers and take home packs for the students and parents.” Kindergarten teacher Andrea Caraway said. “In the ‘Home to School Project,’ kids will take home packs to be used to enrich the students and parents.”

Pewitt Junior High won $487.96 to be used for the science department. Seventh grade science teacher Mitzi Crowson received the grant and which she will use to teach her students about simple machines such as levers and pulleys.

“The grant is for kits so that the students can build machines to study force in motion,” Crowson said.

Pewitt High School, overall, received the greatest amount of money. History teachers James Cartwright, Doug Samples, and Jerry Trussell were awarded a $2,500 grant towards classroom technological upgrades. Math teachers Neesa Frost, Nicole Myers, Jamie Cobb, and Danny McCray received a $2,500 check, as well, to create a mobile computer lab, so that all the math students can have hands-on use of the geometry sketchpad program. Science teacher Kristina Fisher accepted a check for $1,000 and one for $2,500, which will be shared with Christy Williamson. Ms. Williamson plans to build telescopes with her g/t and physics class. Fisher’s grant will be used to develop the school pond into an outside learning center.

The Pewitt Education Foundation supplied the money by conducting fund raisers and accepting honorariums or memorial donations. One of the biggest donors to the Pewitt Education Foundation grant program is actually the Pewitt Alumni Association which holds the annual Alumni Gala each summer.