In 2002, the Foundation awarded grants totaling $20,016.42.

The very first "prize patrol" gets ready to present the grants!

PCISD teachers who won!

PCISD school board accepts the total grant check

Forming Habits of Success Through Keyboarding': $4,720.00 - 3rd Grade
The grant funded
25 keyboard instructors and 4 infrared receivers. Students will have the opportunity to become proficient in keyboarding and word processing skills. These units will benefit students by enabling them to master the new technology curriculum mandated by the state of Texas.

Reading P.A.C.K. (Parent & Child Kit) - $582.42 - 4th Grade

This grant funded 8 Leapfrog: LeapPad "Pro" Learning Centers. Reading P.A.C.K. makes a school-home connection through the use of interactive books and language arts comprehension games. Parents can help their fourth grader improve reading fluency and help guarantee student success in reading comprehension skills.

Placing Success in the hands of the Learner - $4,995.00 - 5th Grade

This grant funded a CPS unit and CPS software. This is a portable classroom performance system that will engage learners to answer higher level thinking skill questions. It will motivate students to attend and participate in class. The 5th grade teachers "Will be able to identify weaknesses and give students the immediate responses they need to give correct future answers.


Bring Interactive Learning to he Classroom - $4,990.00 - 5th Grade

The grant funded a Smart Board and projector. The fifth grade students "Will have a new outlook on science and social studies. A Smart Board will create smart students! Students will be engaged in learning using the latest technology. Students visit virtual labs and historical places.


"Brainchild" for Brain Power - $969.00 - High School

The grant funded software for Mathematics, Reading, Writing, ACT/SAT preparation and hand held computers. These computers will be used as a study guide, testing center, and test preparation for ACT/SAT.


"Mobile Writers" - $3,760.00 - High School
This grant funded 20 mobile units and 4 IR Receivers. With the benefit of this grant, twenty students will be typing away, getting up from time to transmit the essays they typed at their desks to one of five classroom computers where they will be able to edit, revise, and print in a class period or two.