Pewitt Education Foundation Grants, 2005-2006

Grants totaling $10,240.93 awarded!

December 2005 edition, The Bullseye
Pewitt Education Foundation Grants Pewitt Students Chance to Shine
by Caleb Cook

On October 31, 2005, a group of men and ladies found their “inner child” trick or treating the Pewitt Halls. This generous group, the Pewitt Education Foundation, did not ask for the treats, but gave them. The Pewitt Education Foundation doled out over $10,240.93 to an eager high school staff.

Each teacher / department spent their “winnings” in a unique way.

Elementary teachers bought a Classroom Jeopardy set and a Language Readiness set with their $575.00 and $2004.99 grants.  Pewitt CISD also awarded a few supplemental grants.


Life skills bought a laptop, digital camera, and an Elmo with their $1974.02 grant.

Karey Brown bought the Go Venture Micro Business Software with $808.92.

The Math department purchased a Toshiba document camera with its $2378.00 grant.

Science teacher Christy Williamson purchased three laptops for her upper level science classes with $2500.00.

English teacher Martha Rice hopes to start a robotics team with her $650.00 grant.

Principal Bill Harp thinks that Pewitt could not ask for a better Education Foundation to back up Pewitt teachers.

“We are fortunate to have a system that provides additional money each school year to help teachers acquire materials for programs that the school could not afford under normal circumstances,” Harp said.

“The students and teachers are lucky that Pewitt is one of the very few 2-A districts that have a functioning and fiscally sound endowment foundation.”

Brown believes the business software will benefit her students.

“This software is a real-world application of business skills in the classroom,” Brown said.

Williamson can’t wait to spend her hard-won grant.

“I am thrilled to have computers in the lab,” Williamson said. “We will be able to do much more.”

Math teacher Neesa Frost can’t wait to buy the document camera for her classroom.

“I’m very excited to receive the document camera,” Frost said. “I can just lay the book or calculator on the camera for all the class to see.”

Rice, the winner of the robotics grant for gifted and talented, believes her kids will really get into their robotics project.

“I think that the g/t kids will be interested in building robots,” Rice said. “This project will allow them to develop their teamwork and thinking skills while having fun in a competitive environment.”